"It is not the easy or convenient life for which I search...but life lived to the edge of all my possibility."
-Mary Anne Radmacher-Hershey



Goddess Shift:
Women Leading for a Change

"In all realms of life it takes courage to stretch your limits, express your power, and fulfill your potential."
—Suze Orman, Financial Counselor

Goddess Shift assembles a remarkable collection of contributors to share their insights on the new role of women in leadership. They are drawn from science, the arts, business, psychotherapy, medicine, entertainment, the personal growth movement, government, and religion. Below you will find the wide range of topics they cover, and their compelling relevance to the issues we all face in our lives.


Intro Stephanie Marohn The River She Is Flowing
PART 1 The Shift
1 RIANE EISLER The Way of Partnership
2 JEAN SHINODA BOLEN Gather the Women
3 BARBARA MARX HUBBARD The Evolutionary Woman
4 JANE FONDA Reuniting the Head, the Heart, and the Body
PART 2 Our Goddess Heritage
5 JOAN MARLER The Life and Legacy of Marija Gimbutas
6 ELAINE PAGELS What Happened to God the Mother?
7 ZSUZSANNA BUDAPEST Bringing Back the Mysteries
8 B. RAVEN LEE Embodying the Sacred Feminine and Magdalene Wisdom
9 STARHAWK Rooting Spirit in Nature
PART 3 The Goddess Within
10 EVE ENSLER Peace Is a State of Being
11 DANA HOW Awakening Sacred Self
12 JULIE GERLAND A Loving Universe
13 JOEY ADLER Living with Passion—A Journey to Truth
14 AZAR NAFISI A Home That Cannot Be Taken
15 MADONNA I Found an Answer
PART 4 Dare to Be
16 JUDY CHICAGO Women and Art
17 RENEE FLEMING Generations in Our Voices
18 SHIRLEY MACLAINE “Women’s Pictures”
20 ANGELINA JOLIE Notes From My Travels—
Visits with Refugees in Africa
21 HELEN MIRREN The Freedom to Work
22 BARBARA WALTERS Time to Stop Auditioning
PART 5 Speaking Truth to Power
24 BARBARA LEE Peace and Justice
25 SONIA GANDHI The Art of the Impossible
26 SUE MONK KIDD The Dance of Dissidence
27 AUNG SAN SUU KYI Freedom from Fear
PART 6 The New Marketplace
28 SUZE ORMAN Imagine What's Possible
29 LINDA DENNY Women Entrepreneurs—
The Voice of New Leadership
30 JEAN THOMPSON For the Love of Chocolate
31 FRANCES GREEN One Thousand Small Steps, a Few Giant Leaps
32 RAYONA SHARPNACK Redesigning Leadership from the Inside Out
PART 7 Visionary Medicine
33 SUSAN KOLB The Spiritual Healer and Synthesis Medicine
34 ROSSA FORBES The Nerve to Diverge
35 PAMELA WIBLE Love Uncontained
36 CYNTHIA LUBOW Transforming Depression into Empowerment
37 JANINE TALTY The Power of Perception
38 DEBRA GREENE Energy Health and Hygiene—
The Personal is Planetary
PART 8 Living Goddess Wisdom
39 MAYA ANGELOU Letter to My Daughter
40 OLYMPIA DUKAKIS Celebrate Her
41 OPRAH WINFREY Living the Church Inside
42 VENUS & SERENA WILLIAMS 10 Rules for Living, Loving, and Winning
43 J. K. ROWLING The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the
Importance of Imagination

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"Whatever you fear most has no power. it is your fear that has the power."
—Oprah Winfrey