Interview Questions

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Goddess Shift:
Women Leading for a Change

Interview Questions:

1. Give me some examples of how women being in leadership positions is changing the world.

2. When looking a the role of women in society, how is the time we’re in now different from previous times in history?

3. Who are some of the women who’ve helped create this change?

4. How do women in leadership positions lead differently from men?

5. What are some of the obstacles to leadership that are unique to women?

6. Tell us some stories from your experience that illustrate those problems.

7. How does the idea of the Goddess fit into a modern technological world?

8. One of the concepts in Goddess Shift is “partnership.” Doesn’t one group or gender always have to dominate another?

9. Give us some examples of partnership societies and partership enterprises.

10. What values do you believe are more prevalent among female entrepreneurs?

11. Talk about the idea found in Goddess Shift of “the sacred feminine.”

12. The book also talks about victimhood, and how that stance doesn’t serve women anymore. Yet women are often still exploited. What do you tell them?

13. How does this relate to nature and the natural world?

14. Many of the women in Goddess Shift are famous. Aren’t their lives a lot easier than that of the average woman listening to this conversation today?

15. Is society really changing? The news headlines of today, of national conflicts, financial problems, and local disputes, look a lot like those of ten, twenty, fifty years ago. There’s always a crisis, even though women are a lot more influential nowadays.

16. Tell us about some of the women who contributed chapters to Goddess Shift. Describe some of the chapters that inspired you most.